Wildbrooks Benefice Contact Details

Vicar, Wildbrooks Benefice

Reverend Gerry Burgess, revgerryburgess@gmail.com

01798 831600

Churchwardens, St Michael’s Amberley (BN18 9ND)

Michael Davey, Melanie Edge, amberleystmichael@gmail.com

07973 163369

Churchwarden, St Peter’s Parham (RH20 4HS)

Val Myers, vmyers69@btinternet.com

01903 742340

Churchwardens, Wiggonholt Church (RH20 2EQ)

Jenny Sadler, jensadler@southerncranes.co.uk

01798 874613

Churchwardens, Greatham Church (RH20 2ET)


Safeguarding at Amberley, Wiggonholt and Greatham

Melanie Edge, safeguardingamberleystmichael@gmail.com

07973 163369

Safeguarding at Parham

Val Myers, vmyers69@btinternet.com


Please also see Safeguarding Page for policy and more information