Guides to Amberley Church

There are two forms of online guide to Amberley St Michael’s, a Virtual Tour and an Audio Guide. Both forms have been designed to help you understand how to read a building, by taking you round St Michael’s church and helping you understand what you actually see.

The Virtual Tour does not require a visit to the church, but we hope that after ‘taking the tour’ you will be encouraged to visit our beautiful church and see the actual building.

Virtual Tour

The Audio Guide is intended for people who actually visit the church, and works with smart phones (iPhones, Android phones) and tablets (eg iPads).  While the content of the Audio Guide follows closely that of the Virtual Tour it is not as detailed.  So you may find the Virtual Tour a helpful supplement to the Audio Guide.

Wifi is available in the church (wifi name “St Michaels”).  You can access the wifi anywhere within the church, and outside the church within about five metres from the building.

Audio Guide